The classes, rights, privileges, qualifications, obligations, and manner of election or appointment of Members are as follows:

The Members of the Council shall consist of such individuals, and individuals representing associations, partnerships, corporations, or other organizations, who are engaged or otherwise have a vital interest in the private practice of consulting or industrial meteorology, who have the capabilities and resources necessary to serve industry, commerce, and/or the specialized needs of the public, and who from time to time hereafter may be elected Members in the manner provided herein and provided by the By-laws.

Admission to membership in this Council shall be, after nomination as provided by the By-laws, by affirmative vote of Directors holding at least two-thirds of the Directorships, and, thereafter, only upon full payment of dues. Any Member who shall fail to comply with the requirements of this Constitution, with the By-laws or with the rules and regulations or Statement of Policy and Code of Ethics made pursuant thereto, may, after a hearing by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof, be censured, suspended, or expelled by an affirmative vote of Directors holding at least two-thirds of the Directorships. By a majority vote of a quorum of Directors at any regular or special meeting of Directors, members may be expelled or suspended, without hearing, whenever dues are ninety or more days in arrears.

NCIM Membership Application Form

Consultant Members

shall be limited to those persons whose principal occupation is the practice of consulting or industrial meteorology and who meet the qualifications as set forth in the By-laws.

Associate Members

shall be limited to those individual Members who are students, recent graduates, university or government employees or other individuals who do not qualify as Consultant Members, but are otherwise on a career track directed toward eligibility for Consultant Member status.

Affiliate Members

are observers, contributors and counselors in the ongoing affairs of the organization to the mutual benefit of both. They do not have voting power, but may serve on any duly constituted committee established by the organization. There is no time limit for Affiliate membership nor is there any expectation that the Affiliate Member become Consultant or Associate Members. There are no requirements regarding employment, other than their professional interests shall intersect with those of the climate and weather enterprise.

Retired Members

shall be limited to those individual Consultant Members who have retired from fulltime practice and who engage in consulting not more than approximately 25 percent of full-time.