About Dr. Matthew Bunkers CCM

September 9, 2018

Dr Matthew Bunkers CCM

Dr. Matthew Bunkers earned his CCM designation in January 2017, and within a few months he started his consulting business, Northern Plains Weather Services, based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. This business is part-time as Matt has a full-time job with the National Weather Service in Rapid City. However, Matt received approval to do consulting on his own time and using his own resources. Although Matt only has had a handful of cases between May 2017 and the present time (July 2018), they have covered a variety of topics:

  • estimating hail extent and wind speeds from thunderstorms
  • assessing timing and extent of freezing drizzle
  • review/technical editing for a journal and a book
  • presentations on storm chasing
  • fire-weather observations and research

Client locations have ranged from the northern plains to Texas and North Carolina. Matt plans to do full-time CCM work after he retires from the National Weather Service. In addition to writing three client reports over the past year, Matt had a paper published in Weather and Forecasting in January 2017.